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Aircrafts with a permit to fly or a special CofA registered outside Belgium requires a permit to use the Belgian airspace.
This permit can be obtained for €9 euro through our organization. Therefore we need a copy of your valid CofA, your Insurance and your aircraft registration documents before the 29th of July 2016.

These documents must be send to Mr. Guy Valvekens at his email address : guyvalvekens@gmail.com



Invitation letter 

Other forms

Airport information

Schaffen ATIS: 118.925
Schaffen Radio: 130.825 (only during Fly-In)

To avoid frequency saturation, all pilots are requested to obtain latest information from ATIS before contacting Schaffen Radio.

Phone Airfield: +32 13 69 01 03

The phone will be operational from friday 12 august at 14:00h local time (12:00 Z).

As every year, pilots of the winning categories will be revealed Saterday evening.
  • Best Vintage 
  • Best Biplane 
  • Best Frati 
  • Best Classic
  • Best Belgian Vintage
  • Best Stampe
  • Oldest Plane
  • Longest Distance
  • Oldest Pilot
  • Youngest Pilot

Small hotels are available:  Link to hotels

  • Camping in a tent near your airplane is allowed.
  • No credit cards services available on the airfield.

Prior to the Fly-In and for further informations, please contact :

Mr. Guy Valvekens
Email :  guyvalvekens@gmail.com

Phone : +32 475 58 47 23

For more details and important safety instructions download the information package (see top of page).