Pilot information

Airfield information

Pilot briefing: Before landing and take-off at the EBDT airfield, it is mandatory to read the this pilot briefing, and to register that you have read and understood this briefing via this link.

Schaffen ATIS: 118.930

Schaffen Radio:
Communicated over ATIS
While the ATIS is not operational, use 118.930

Aerodrome Phone:
Flight operations: +32(0)473 51 52 70
All other information: +32 (0)13 69 01 03
Both phones will be operational from Friday, August 11 at 14:00h local time (12:00 Z)

Elevation: 101 Ft MSL

Position: N 51°00’15” and E 005°03’57”

RWY: 06/24 - 600 m x 40 m - grass

A TRA will be installed at the following times:
Friday 16/08: from 17:00 till 19:00 LT
Saturday 17/08: from 13:00 till 18:00 LT
Sunday 18/08: from 13:00 till 18:00 LT
All traffic must obtain entry permission from Schaffen Radio before entering the TRA.

Notams: Information about the current notams can be found on Skeyes.

Opening times:
Take off: 9 a.m. local time till 8 p.m.
Landing: 9 a.m. local time till sunset

To avoid frequency saturation, all pilots are requested to obtain the latest information from ATIS before contacting Schaffen Radio. The ATIS service will be operational from Friday, August 11 at 14:00h local time (12:00 Z). While the ATIS is not in use, 118.930 will be used as traffic information frequency. Registered pilots will receive an email containing the latest information on Friday as well.

Some amateur-built or historical aircraft registered with the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) member states are no longer required to obtain a permit to fly over Belgian territory for up to 30 calendar days a year.

CUSTOMS: not available

AVGAS: Will be available in limited quantities, 600L a day. Price will be approx. €3.2/L (Kortrijk-Wevelgem EBKT will be the cheapest option for G-XXXX visitors)
JET A1: Only on request
MOGAS: Roadside fuel station nearby, we can drive you there with jerrycans (spillfree) provided by us

Payment cash/payconiq/bancontact/maestro, no VISA or Mastercard.

Airfield / airspace closures

Red Devils display team Belgian Pitts formation Parachuting Model flying
Friday 16/08 To be determined To be determined / /
Saturday 17/08 14:00 - 14:30 15:00 - 15:20 16:00 - 16:20 17:00 - 17:20
Sunday 18/08 14:00 - 14:30 15:00 - 15:20 16:00 - 16:20 17:00 - 17:20

During the demo's the airfield will be closed and the TRA will not be accessible for any traffic expect the traffic participating in the demo's

Important instructions

To be able to organise this event, it is necessary that things run smoothly and everybody adheres to following:

  1. All aircraft must be insured in compliance with the European regulation n° 785-2004
  2. No aerobatics are allowed within a radius of 3.0 NM from the airfield and below 2.000 ft GRND
  3. No overflying of any public
  4. Except for the demo, parachuting is not allowed during the days of the Fly In
  5. Local flights must be declared beforehand and will only be granted when the traffic volume allows
  6. Radio contact which Schaffen Flight Information Service is compulsory. Except for the permission to enter the TRA, which is of a binding nature, Schaffen radio provides information service only. The permission to enter the TRA does not include traffic separation, in any way.
  7. A fly-by may only be done according to the SERA rules and in coordination with Schaffen Radio. The pilot in command bears the full responsibility for the lookout, the separation with other aircraft, and the overall safety of all manoeuvres. If a fly-by is performed it may only be done in the direction of the traffic flow.
  8. All formation flights have to comply with the Belgian regulations, i.e.:
    • allowed only with prior briefing of all concerned pilots
    • not allowed with paying passengers
    • formation takeoffs and landing are not allowed.

Caution: street lights (8m high) are located 150m before the threshold of RWY 24.

Before landing and take-off at the EBDT airfield, it is mandatory to read the this pilot briefing, and to register that you have read and understood this briefing via this link

Due to the volume of traffic at the fly in, it is not always workable to change the runway every time the wind direction changes. On the other hand, as a pilot you are responsible for the performance and safe operation of your aircraft. If you consider your aircraft performance marginal for the given weather conditions and runway in use, please do not take off, but contact the flight info service or the responsible (0473/51.52.70) so we can work on a solution. Your safety is our concern!!!

If the weather is nice, we count on many aeroplanes visiting us. This causes heavy workload for the FIS, or even frequency saturation on peak moments. For this reason, we ask you to use the ATIS as much as possible. It will give you information about the weather, the runway in use and other relevant items. Its frequency is 118.930.

It is the responsibility of both you and us to keep the airfield flight register up to date. Because of the many flights done during the fly-in, it is almost impossible for us to keep the register. Therefore, we ask your co-operation: could you please mark your arrival, departure and any local flight in the register?

During the event, the following number will be active from 16/08/2024 at 2 p.m.: 0032-13/69.01.03

Registration form 2024

Registrations & Arrivals 2024

Registration from different planes that will attend and that have arrived will show up here during the event!

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