Pilot information

Airfield information

Pilot briefing: Before landing and take-off at the EBDT airfield, it is mandatory to read the this pilot briefing, and to register that you have read and understood this briefing via this link.

Schaffen ATIS: 118.930

Schaffen Radio: Announced via ATIS

Aerodrome Phone:
Flight operations: +32(0)472 51 52 70
All other information: +32 (0)13 69 01 03
Both phones will be operational from Friday, August 12 at 14:00h local time (12:00 Z)

Elevation: 101 Ft MSL

Position: N 51°00’15” and E 005°03’57”

RWY: 06/24 - 600 m x 40 m - grass

Notams: Information about the current notams can be found on Skeyes.

To avoid frequency saturation, all pilots are requested to obtain the latest information from ATIS before contacting Schaffen Radio. The ATIS service will be operational from Friday, August 12 at 14:00h local time (12:00 Z). While the ATIS is not in use, 118.930 will be used as traffic information frequency. Registered pilots will receive an email containing the latest information on Friday as well.

Some amateur-built or historical aircraft registered with the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) member states are no longer required to obtain a permit to fly over Belgian territory for up to 30 calendar days a year.

No customs/No landing fee

Opening times:
Take off: 9 a.m. local time till 8 p.m.
Landing: 9 a.m. local time till sunset

Arrival form

Registration from different planes that will attend and that have arrived will show up here during the event!